They say good help is hard to find. That’s certainly evident as many companies find it difficult to attract and retain top talent. So, if your business is experiencing the effects of the worker shortage, here are a few ideas that can help.

Expand Your Recruitment Radius

If finding quality candidates is proving to be not so easy, you should consider widening your search by:

  • Expanding your search geographically
  • Considering resumes from applicants with different backgrounds

Reaching out to applicants from different areas geographically and from a skillset standpoint can help you find qualified people for your open jobs. Additionally, try accepting applications from people of different backgrounds. This will open up a larger pool of talent, and once you meet or interview candidates – you may be surprised at what you find.

Expand Company Perks

Who doesn’t love perks? After all, they’re perks! However, while free coffee and snacks are nice, they won’t necessarily entice candidates. Companies looking to offer true employee perks will go beyond this. For example, some companies partner with local businesses to extend discounts to their employees. These kinds of perks are unique to your company and work on two levels. First, it shows that your company cares to make the perk available, and on another level, it offers convenience to the employee they wouldn’t get otherwise.

Promote Flexible Schedules

If the pandemic has proven anything, it’s that many jobs can be done just as effectively remotely. Plus, with the hours wasted commuting, more employees devote even more time to work than ever before. So, if a particular position can be become go hybrid, promote it. Let potential employees know you offer a flexible schedule, and you should see an entirely new swath of applicants knocking on your door who would not have considered you previously.

Make Your Company More Enticing

When facing a worker shortage, just reaching more potential employees is half the battle. First, you need to make your job as attractive as possible to bring in interested applicants. Unlike “perks” employees want jobs offering added benefits such as insurance coverage, competitive salaries, bonuses, and paid leave. While these financial commitments can be high for a business owner, including these enticing benefits will repay you with happy, motivated employees who stay put for the long term. So, be sure to highlight these benefits in your job postings.

Invest in Time-Saving Technology

Technology often comes to the rescue in times like these. Technology can tie it all together for businesses with workers out in the field or working remotely. Many forward-thinking small companies now use automated software to save time and money. As a result, what was once the job of many can be the job of one. Payroll automation, for example, can be done automatically when using software provided by Fingercheck. The same goes for time and attendance software. And if you are used to having employees punch in or out using biometrics, they can now do so from a mobile app. Cool technology like this shows would-be applicants you’re a modern company, and who wouldn’t want to join a company like that?!

All told, these steps will help your company attract talent and hopefully have you saying, “worker shortage? What worker shortage?”

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