The goal of employee onboarding is to introduce new hires to your company and acclimate them in as efficient a manner as possible. When this must be accomplished remotely, various new challenges will inevitably pop up.

Follow these basic steps to ensure a seamless transition into the workplace.

Common Challenges

Beginning a new job can be intimidating, and when this occurs remotely, it can feel even more isolating (first-day jitters often intensify when the employee feels alone and unsupported).

One way to combat this is to not only give new hires a welcome call but to send them any branded swag the company possesses. This will create a sense of community, and generally picks peoples’ spirits up.

Next, you need to put some guidelines and routines firmly in place. Obviously, new hires should be properly introduced to the whole team, but it behooves everyone in the organization to establish rules of conduct and communication. When a freshly hired employee has an online itinerary set up, they feel a sense of structure that will easily integrate them into the daily workflow. This can lead to an eighty-two percent new employee retention rate, as detailed in this research report by the Brandon Hall Group.

Another way to bring them comfortably into the fold is to provide them with a go-to person (not necessarily in management) that can answer any questions and verse them in your company’s culture.

Establishing optimal communication with newly minted workers is key, and one of the best ways to avoid miscommunication is to ask them directly how the onboarding process is going. Numerous studies have been done that confirm that a very low percentage of employees feel their onboarding process was sufficient (Gallup found this figure to be an abysmal twelve percent)  — so even a quick chat about what can be improved upon will deliver managers with invaluable information on how to create a more fulfilling process.

The Ultimate Solution for Remote Onboarding

Since we are living in a very virtual world, the most important component of onboarding is the technology utilized by your organization.

Companies need an HR platform that has a primary focus on tech. Fingercheck was expertly designed with every aspect of virtual onboarding in mind. Our cutting-edge software allows for flawless integration, dramatically minimizes error, and ensures a happy workforce – whether they are in or out of the office. 

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