By: Fingercheck Sep 30, 2014

Google Autofills Addresses Within FingerCheck

When entering an address into FingerCheck, Google will now give you address suggestions. The most common use for this new feature is within the Employee tab. Whether you are adding a new employee (by clicking on Add and filling out the information), or editing an existing employee (by clicking on the employee’s blue underlined employee number), if you begin typing into the address field under Contact Info, Google will attempt to autofill the address.

Google's autofill feature fills in an address on the FingerCheck online application.

After selecting the proper address, the rest of the address information will be filled out.

Other places where this feature can be useful is for setting up job fencing policies, job locations, and applicants applying for a job via our applicant tracking module. However, these features will be covered in a later article. This is a simple and powerful tool for quickly making changes to locations, without the need to memorize exact addresses.

Category: New Features

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