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Foolproof Tips for Motivating Employees

Employee motivation can be described as a worker’s intrinsic enthusiasm and drive to complete the work they do to the best of their ability.

According to a recent Forbes article, “happy employees are motivated employees.” Keeping your employees happy, motivated, and enthusiastic about their jobs does more than make you look good in the eyes of those who work for you. It can drastically increase worker productivity, reduce the need for scrutinizing online time clock data, and cause your business’s bottom line to skyrocket. Struggling with motivating your team? Here are a few proven tips.

3 Tips For Motivating Employees

1. Be A Power of Example

The show, don’t tell, your staff what you expect of them. Model perfect attendance, foolproof punctuality, and laser focus during the day. Is your employee time clock software showing a disturbing trend toward lateness? Take a look at the example you are setting. Be on time and watch others follow suit!

2. Offer Clarity and Purpose

No one appreciates toiling away at a desk for hours without a clear vision and a strong sense of purpose. Make your company’s vision clear to all staff members. Involve them in creating a mission statement. Attach meaning and purpose to day to day tasks and watch the enthusiasm rise.

3. Encourage Personal Development

The fastest way to turn a job into a career for someone is to give each staff member a chance to enhance their personal development. Offer staff projects based on their skill sets and personal interests. Provide classes and learning opportunities that mesh with employee’s career goals. Take a noticeable interest in each employee’s personal and professional growth and watch their loyalty inflate!

Preventing employee dissidence is significantly easier than addressing the problem once it’s taken hold. Implement these tips and watch your staff work for you, and with you!

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