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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?

Getting started is simple! Sign up on our website with a few simple steps and you can begin your free 30-day trial. If you’d like to use a biometric clock with your FingerCheck account, you can purchase one during the signup process. Once you’ve signed up, an implementation specialist will contact you to help you get your company set up and give you complimentary training.


How does the 30-day free trial work?

Once you sign up for a 30-day free trial you will have full access to the software. You will also receive a full training session to get set up, so you can start tracking time right away. You can do all the processes available to paying customers, and contact our support center as much as you’d like. If you decide the software isn’t for you, simply cancel before the 30th day and you will not be charged.


How does pricing work and what’s included in the fee?

We charge a monthly subscription fee of $20/month + $2 per active employee. One administrator is included who has full control over the software. Any additional administrators or supervisors are $10/month each . If you use a biometric time clock or the Time Clock tablet, there will be an extra $10 monthly fee for each clock or tablet app.


Do I need to install any software to use FingerCheck?

No – FingerCheck is installation-free! It is cloud-based and completely online. Simply go to our website to log in, or download our mobile app to use FingerCheck on your smartphone.


Can I access FingerCheck from multiple computers?

Yes. Since FingerCheck is web-based, you can log in and access the full software system using any internet browser, from any device, regardless of whether it’s a computer, tablet, or smartphone. However, if you wish to use FingerCheck from your phone, we designed the FingerCheck mobile app as the most effective way to use FingerCheck from your smartphone.


I’m already using a time clock that isn’t FingerCheck brand – is it compatible with FingerCheck?

Typically, our biometric time clocks are the only clocks that can work with FingerCheck. However, you can call us with your details and we can see if we can integrate your existing clock with our software.


Why should I get a biometric time clock?

A biometric time clock is the highest level of security for your timekeeping. It eliminates buddy punching and cannot be fooled into accepting one employee’s punch for another. Since it automatically verifies identity each time a punch is made, there is no reviewing for you to do. This provides you with an indisputable record of your employees’ time and attendance so you also have legal protection against labor and fair wage disputes.


What is the benefit of having a cloud based system?

A cloud-based time and attendance system allows you to view and manage your data anywhere. You can log in at any time from any computer and instantly have access to all your company data, already pre-loaded. A cloud-based time and attendance software system also stores your data safely on the cloud, whereas a computer-based system could easily be damaged, jeopardizing your data, in the case of a computer crash or a weather emergency.


I don’t want to use a time clock. Can I still use FingerCheck?

Yes. Your employees can still clock in without a time clock by logging onto our website, using the mobile app, sending a tweet, or sending a text. We also have a Time Clock Tablet App, which turns any tablet into a time clock that you can keep in your office or take with you on the go. For safe buddy punching protection on both apps, you can enable photo capture, requiring a real-time photo to be taken with a punch, as well as enable GEO location to track the address of their punches.


Can I get a notification if someone missed a punch or if someone is late? Can I get a notification when an employee approves their time card? Can I set it so that data isn’t sent to payroll before I approve it?

Supervisors and employees alike can receive different types of alerts via email, text, and push notifications. Be it a missing punch or a long break alert, this enables both parties to be on top of their time and attendance.


What type of reports are available?

We have a wide range of reports that are built into the software and ready to run. Additionally, we also offer custom reporting capabilities so you can design your own custom report. You can also have custom reporting using our control totals.


Does FingerCheck have job costing and can employees select them when clocking in and out?

Yes, we have up to seven levels of job costing so you can accurately pay employees and bill your clients according to factors like location, task, department, etc. Employees can simply select and job or task when clocking in and can also transfer their punches when they switch jobs.


Can an employee clock in on one clock and clock out at a different location?

If you allow them to. Each employee can be assigned to a clock and allow them to clock in. In addition the employee can also clock in and out using multiple methods, so they can clock in using a clock terminal and clock out using mobile and tablet if they are allowed.


Can FingerCheck export to Quickbooks, and does that cost extra?

Yes! We made it easy and convenient for companies to set up an integration between FingerCheck and QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.


Do you come out and install the clocks or do we do that?

Our clocks are plug ‘n play so they really shouldn’t be very difficult to set up. However, if you have questions or need guidance on installing your clock, you can contact our support technicians for help over the phone or via chat.


Is there a setup fee?

No there is not! FingerCheck’s software requires no setup and installation, and we provide you with an initial personalized training session on how to use our software. If you experience difficulties, you can always contact our highly trained customer support technicians for no extra charge.


If the internet goes down can my employees still clock in?

Yes! If you are using our biometric time clocks, our clocks will still accept your employees’ punches, even if the internet is down. Once the internet is restored, the punches will be sent to our servers.


Does the mobile app have fingerprint technology too? Can my employees use their fingerprint to make a punch using the app?

You can use the fingerprint to log into the app but not to clock in or out. That technology is not currently available on the mobile app. However, you can enable the mobile app to take your employees’ picture when they punch, and capture their GPS location of the punch so you can verify they are not buddy punching.


Are there any upgrade fees in FingerCheck?

No! You have access to our entire software system for the price you pay each month. If you’d like to use FingerCheck for additional services such as payroll, you might be interested in our enhanced solution FingerCheck360, which provides payroll, HR, and employee onboarding.

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