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Employee Time Clocks for Schools


Employee Time Clocks for Schools

Employee time clocks for schools must be advanced enough to fulfill the needs of all kinds of employees – and FingerCheck’s time clock software does just that. Complex enough to differentiate between different jobs, tasks, and pay rates, FingerCheck’s multi-level job costing can be relied on to account for employees of every level and department. Teachers, administrators, custodial staff and food service workers can all use the same time clock solution from FingerCheck. Even salaried staff can be accounted for by auto-entering hours. With FingerCheck, there is a work-around for every specific need.

School Time Attendance Software

FingerCheck’s school time attendance software works in K-12 environments as well as colleges and universities. On big campuses where there isn’t one fixed location to clock in, employees can clock in online or via the FingerCheck mobile app for smartphone or the FingerCheck time clock app for tablet. Even student workers can use FingerCheck’s software on campus. It’s easy for everyone to use and provides educational institutions with a streamlined, accurate time and attendance system.

Contact FingerCheck to Get Your Online Time Clock

Find the best solution for you K-12 school or college from FingerCheck! We have a variety of fingerprint time clock systems and monthly plans available. Email Info@FingerCheck.com or call 1-800-610-9501 to speak with one of our customer service representatives.

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