401(k), Quick & Easy

Our integrated payroll + retirement solution makes iit easy to manage and maintain 401(k) offerings.

Simplify Employees’ 401(k) with Fingercheck

Fingercheck’s 401(k) touch-free integration makes 401(k) management a breeze.

Let’s Keep it Simple

Never waste another minute on the tedious and demanding work of allocating funds and adhering to compliance standards.
The Fingercheck platform connects directly with Human Interest, a industry-leading 401(k) provider, offering you the simplest, most affordable and most practical 401(k) ever.
Our system operates automatically and integrates seamlessly between payroll processing and 401(k)distributions — and you never have to lift a finger.
Enjoy these extremely affordable benefits now.

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Ensure easy implementation as more and more states make employee 401(k) plans mandatory for smaller businesses.
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