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Dentist Office Time Clock

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Dentist Office Time Clock in the Cloud

Dental practices in particular benefit from the use of a flexible, cloud-based time clock system due to the nature of their operations. Oftentimes, many dentists travel between offices, sometimes overseeing a rotating staff or different teams split between multiple locations. With so many employees to account for, monitoring time and attendance can be tricky, and often becomes convoluted and difficult to handle. Without a modern time tracking system that can keep up with the complexity of these working arrangements, tracking hours, tasks, and jobs becomes a project no one has the time to manage.

A dentist office time clock creates greater efficiency for dental practices and serves as a cost-effective solution to track time worked for all employees, like dentists,  dental assistants, dental receptionists, and dental hygienists. Using a flexible cloud-based time clock system, dentists can access real-time data and manage their offices from anywhere. Another benefit of implementing an online time clock is the cost savings that result from upgrading to a paperless dentist payroll system. Start saving with a dentist office time clock today.

How Dental Time Clock Software Works

Dental time clock software from FingerCheck is easy to use and manage. Employees can clock in using a biometric time clock, a computer, a tablet using the FingerCheck Time Clock app,  and their smart phone using the FingerCheck mobile app. Multi-level job costing allows employers to set up customized cost center levels so employees can clock in with information like their job, task, location, etc. GPS tracking captures mobile punch locations so you can check their whereabouts.

Another benefit of using the cloud is that you can access it anywhere. You and your approved supervisors can view and manage company data wherever they is an internet connection. This is particularly useful for managers sharing a practice who might all want access to the same data.

Device Recommendations

AC100Ideal for office environments, the AC100C  is a fingerprint time clock equipped with the quickest fingerprint recognition of FingerCheck’s devices. It  holds 8,000 fingerprint templates, is Plug ‘N Play Internet Ready, uploads real time data with push technology, accepts offline punches, and more. This model is perfect for a dental setting and syncs seamlessly with our software for hassle-free storage straight to the cloud. For more details on the AC100C, go to our product page.

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