The newest states to be added to our roster of FingerCheck360-approved states are Indiana and Tennessee!

As stated in our previous expansion announcement, our strategy to expand our online payroll solution FingerCheck360 to all 50 states has begun with adding states with relatively simple internal compliance rules and states requested by interested clients. In addition to California, thus far, Indiana has been the most challenging state we have taken on.

“The main complexity with Indiana is the county and local taxes that exist in every county,” says Payroll Compliance Director Merle Capello CPP. (Indiana has 92 counties.) “Each county can levy its own tax and they each have different rates, a resident and non-resident rate. That’s a programming challenge and it also affects the client because the clients will also have to be aware of what they need to do in order to designate the appropriate county for local tax for each employee.”

The withholding form contains designation for the county of residence and of the employer, so all employees have to have filled that out prior to setup. Regarding Tennessee, the compliance rules are much more straight-forward. “Tennessee is much less demanding. It is demanding still, even though there is no state income tax in Tennessee state,” says Capello. “There are other challenges of course, as there are going into any new state. We are vigilant in ensuring that when clients come on board, we are providing them with the best tax compliance possible.”

FingerCheck360 launched at the start of the year and uses the time tracking data that is gathered within our online payroll solution to process payroll. Customers who use our payroll software, FingerCheck360, get access to a wide range of free services, including expense reporting, electronic new hire reporting, general ledger export for Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online, 3rd party agency check services, and the option to purchase Workers’ Compensation Insurance through a third party licensed insurance provider.

Currently, FingerCheck360 is available for clients in California, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Texas. Our staff is fully engaged and ready to overcome any obstacles that may emerge as we work towards our goal of nation-wide coverage.

If your business is located in a state not currently covered by our payroll software, and you would like to use FingerCheck360, we ask you to call us at 1-800-610-9501 or email us at For more information, you can head to FingerCheck360.

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