2022 HR Compliance Calendar

Keeping track of tax, compliance, and HR deadlines don’t have to be a burden for your small business anymore. Access Fingercheck’s free 2022 Compliance Calendar to get clear, concise calendar notifications about filing dates, processing deadlines, and U.S. holidays that your company cannot afford to miss.
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Calendar reminders make compliance easy

It’s no secret: HR compliance checklists don’t work for most small businesses because managers are busy. Who needs a compliance “guide” stuffed with confusing tax forms? Nobody.

That’s why we created Fingercheck’s 2022 HR Compliance Calendar for small businesses with hourly workers and essential employees.

What does it do?

Fingercheck’s 2022 HR Compliance Calendar works seamlessly with Apple iCalendar, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook and will send you an automatic and easily understandable alert when key filing deadlines come up that your company cannot afford to miss.

When you download the calendar, you’ll get clear, concise, calendar notifications about important filing dates and holidays for your firm, as well as comprehensive compliance tips with information on:

ACA compliance

State and Federal tax deadlines
Rules and regulations for your workplace
Payroll processing deadlines
Common U.S. holidays
HR best practices, and more!

An Easy All-In-One Hourly Employee Management System​

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