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Employers Name Online Time Tracking as Most Preferred Method of Timekeeping [INFOGRAPHIC]

Conceptual photo depicts cloud-filled sky in background as man holds up tablet and laptop devices with screens matching clouds to symbolize cloud-based time tracking systems.

According to a recent survey conducted by Paychex, the most preferred method of tracking time worked is using a web application. The survey, conducted online between March 31, 2017 and April 8, 2017, polled 400 leaders of U.S. companies with less than 500 employees, and found that 29 percent of business owners favor online time tracking, with paper coming in at 20 percent, and mobile applications coming in at 14 percent. Of those employers polled, younger business owners in particular (61 percent of those ages 18-34) said they prefer online time tracking versus older business owners (47 percent of those ages 50 or older) who said they prefer tracking time via paper timesheets. We’ve compiled some of the statistics

Legislative Update: House Passes Two Bills on Comp Time and Health Care

U.S. court building as the House of Representatives passes two bills with the potential to majorly impact employers.

The House of Representatives recently passed legislation we think you should know about. If both acts are passed, major changes will directly impact you and your business.  The Working Families Flexibility Act The Working Families Flexibility Act was passed on Tuesday, May 2. If signed into law, this act would allow overtime-eligible employees to opt for comp time (paid time off in the future) as another choice of compensation when working overtime. Currently, the Fair Labor Standards Act (the nation’s prevailing federal labor law) only allows for overtime pay to be paid out at the rate of 1.5 x an employee’s regular rate of pay for each overtime hour worked. The payment must be paid in

New York City Passes Groundbreaking Legislation Banning Employers From Asking About Pay History


The New York City Council voted Wednesday, April 5 to approve legislation that will ban employers from asking job applicants about their pay history when considering them during the hiring process. The bill will impact approximately 3.8 million workers and will prohibit public and private employers from requesting salary history information and querying public records for pay information, though applicants can volunteer the information if they choose. The bill, championed by Public Advocate Letitia James, was first proposed in August 2016 following the release of a report disclosing compelling statistics on the gender wage gap in New York City. Soon after, Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio issued executive orders giving the green light to James’

Senate Votes to Eliminate Rule Requiring Federal Contractors to Disclose Safety Violations


On Monday, March 6th, the Senate voted to eliminate a safety rule issued by the U.S. Department of Labor in August. The rule, developed under the Obama administration, would require federal contractors to disclose and correct serious safety violations made over the previous three years when bidding for new contracts. During the vote, Republicans scored a narrow victory against Democrats voting 49-48 to eliminate the regulation. While Republicans and business groups are praising the outcome, Democrats point out the safety issues that led to the regulation being formed in the first place.  A report issued by Senate Democrats in 2013 found that almost 30 percent of the top violators of federal wage and safety laws from 2007 to

New York’s Regulatory Overhaul Limiting Wage Payment via Paycard & Direct Deposit Halted


On September 7, 2016, the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) approved new wage payment regulations that would require New York employers to satisfy stringent notice requirements and obtain employee consent before paying wages by direct deposit or debit card. The regulations ban debit card (paycard) companies from collecting fees from employees using the card, and make the setup process more stringent for both employers and paycard companies. While the regulations were approved to go into effect starting March 7, 2017, the New York Industrial Board of Appeals ruled that the NYSDOL overreached in their rulemaking authority by attempting to place restrictions on financial institutions and significantly straying from the plain language of the applicable statutes allowing their authority on


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