By: Katherine Muniz Jan 13, 2015

What to Know About Rounding Employee Hours

To ensure your company is falling within the approved practices for rounding employee hours, it’s important to ask not only what the best practices are, but also, what practices are viewed as lawful. While it is standard and even routine
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By: Katherine Muniz Jan 12, 2015

FingerCheck Introduces Our New Balance Feature

We are glad to share that FingerCheck has implemented a new feature within our time card tab that will allow administrators to view each employee’s total balance of time off. Displayed alongside existing time attendance information
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By: Katherine Muniz Jan 07, 2015

FingerCheck Redesigns Our Browser Clock in/out Page!

After much customer feedback, we are pleased to announce the redesign of our browser punch clock page! Our newly optimized page has been redesigned to more readily reflect the needs of our clients and their diverse work arrangements. Dis
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By: Fingercheck Jan 02, 2015

Promote Happiness, Enjoy Productivity

As a key resource for leading business, we're always interested to discover new information about how to cultivate a rewarding corporate culture and improve productivity in the workplace. Our advanced software, optimized to help managers
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By: Fingercheck Dec 11, 2014

How to Find the Best Job Candidate

A CareerBuilder study found that inadequate hire costs 41 percent of the companies surveyed around $25,000. Applying best practices in your interview process helps reduce that risk and improves your bottom line. Great Interviewer Techniq
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