By: Fingercheck May 13, 2014

Applicant Tracking Through Fingercheck Helps Make the Hiring Process Social

In a process that could use something to make reduce everyone’s stress levels during the hiring process, we have found a way to do that at Fingercheck by adding Applicant Tracking.

It often seems like the hiring process is highly impersonal, leaving human resources professionals to wonder if there is an opportunity to open up the hiring process and making things a little more social for everyone, therefore removing some of the stress from this driving experience.

We understand that you want to follow the protocol and find the best candidate within your designated timeline. When you create a new job posting, you can instantly post it on any or all of the social media platforms that your business uses such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Your prospective candidates can keep tabs on your posts and reply right away. In the age of smartphones and tablets, your best candidate can probably let you know their availability within moments of your post.

As you combine your data culled from your newly obtained employee information via social media with the information from the applicant tracking module, you will appreciate the additional layer that Fingercheck.

We want to help you flesh out your potential employees long before they arrive for their first interview so you already have a good idea of who they are.

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Specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses, Fingercheck is an all-in-one solution for Payroll, HR, Time Tracking & everything in between.

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