By: Fingercheck Sep 30, 2014

Advanced Email Options

As the manager of your company, you will find the need to send your employee’s emails via FingerCheck. Emails would be sent such as those for Self-Service Enrollment, or those concerning approval or denial of absence requests. More often than not, an employee may not recognize where the email itself is coming from, and they will disregard it.

A new feature has been added within FingerCheck to display a specific name on an email so that your employee can determine that it is coming from a verified source. Additionally, should an employee reply to this email, there is a feature to make sure that it gets to the intended recipient.

To utilize this new feature, log in to the FingerCheck website, and then click on the Setup menu, and in the Company Menu, click on Default Settings


FingerCheck's new advanced email option settings on the online application.


Hit Save to save the changes. From here on out, if an email is sent out to an employee from FingerCheck, the display name that was specified will appear. Additionally, if the employee should want to reply to that email, the Reply-To option will automatically allow the employee to reply to that intended email address.




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