Intuitive. Approachable. Human

Intuitive. Approachable. Human

Fingercheck is an innovative software company providing employers with next-gen software to empower their people and automate their processes. Headquartered in New York City, we are inspired by small companies that think big and know the value of a moment.

Early on, we recognized the need for companies of every size to access technological advances traditionally available only to big-budget businesses. So we built the gold standard in time tracking and attendance management for the modern workforce.

Our original advanced software enabled businesses to get a whole new look on their team’s productivity—while automating and simplifying payroll. It included fingerprint technology to stop time-theft and buddy punching; real-time cloud-based attendance tracking anywhere on the map; and other smart features to eliminate every episode of human error.

Today, it’s all in one place

Today, it’s all in one place

Continuing to lead the industry in team-centric software, Fingercheck is now an all-in-one cloud-based human resources platform that incorporates hiring, employee self-onboarding, time tracking, HR management, payroll processing, and insurance and benefits. It’s the single unified answer to the needs of every nimble, agile, 21st-century company.

From the moment you receive an application to the day an employee departs from the company, Fingercheck helps you keep track of who is doing what, where, and when—anywhere on the globe. All the information is at your fingertips and at the touch of a button. It’s total efficiency in action.

Fingercheck remains the standard-bearer for innovative cloud-based corporate platforms. Our software empowers businesses of every size to manage people, payroll and processes with simplicity, automation and age-bending flexibility. That’s how we make teamwork work.

Our Mission One for the team

At Fingercheck we take the word ‘team’ seriously, creating intuitive, approachable, human software solutions that bring the whole team together in one place. Nothing drives us harder than to make every element of human resources more human.


Join our team in Brooklyn to help business grow and to reshape and reinvent the HR industry.

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