By: Fingercheck May 29, 2014

7 Ways to Use Our HR System’s Announcements Tool

One of the great features of our Human Resources Information System is how easy it is to communicate with everyone in the company on one platform. In the Announcements tab, staff will find links to memos of every kind. Here are seven ways to use the Announcements feature in FingerCheck’s Workforce Management System:

  1. Announce company-wide meetings.
  2. Inform staff about upcoming conferences.
  3. Remind everyone about important deadlines.
  4. Spread the word about after-work company social events.
  5. Make announcements about any changes in policy.
  6. Give a public welcome to new employees.
  7. Say happy birthday to a staff member.

Depending on the industry there are a number of specialized uses of our Announcements feature. Anyone can make use of it, from schools to hospitals to banks to construction companies. The possibilities are endless! The best part – it’s user-friendly and within the same interface as all of the other human resources tools so it’s always easy to access. Learn more about our Workforce Management System on

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