Businessman's hands up close, typing while looking at phone checking that the signed forms and NYS notice of pay rate have been sent through Fingercheck Payroll.

New: Automatically Email Signed Employee Documents & Notice of Pay Rate | FingerCheck360

As you know, we designed the employee onboarding module to eliminate all paperwork during the onboarding process. Forms are generated electronically so employees can easily sign these forms online or on their smartphones. Once the employee is fully onboarded, these documents are saved to their profile, which the administrator can review. We’ve now added the option…

hand holding smartphone

Two New Updates to the FingerCheck Mobile App for Supervisors

There are two new updates on the FingerCheck mobile app for supervisors! By “Approve Requests” in the side menu, you’ll notice that a number will appear if you have any pending employee requests. And, if you use FingerCheck360 payroll, you can now download a PDF of all your payroll costs directly to your smartphone using…

Silhouette of the state of Connecticut, Georgia, Virginia as new Fingercheck payroll-covered states.

Payroll Now Available in Connecticut, Georgia, and Virginia | FingerCheck360

We’re excited to announce three new states to our roster of FingerCheck360-approved states! Companies in Connecticut, Georgia, and Virginia can now sign up for FingerCheck360, our full time and attendance & payroll solution. We are welcoming FingerCheck clients to sign up for FingerCheck360 as we move into the new year, and the migration from time tracking to full-fledged…

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