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7 Ways You Benefit by Using an Inventory Management System

FingerCheck allows you to effortlessly track and manage your employees. But have you ever thought about doing the same for your equipment? Regardless of industry, having a system in place to track your inventory can save you untold amounts of time, hassle, and frustration. While inventory management is usually associated with heavy construction equipment, such …

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FingerCheck’s new search bar is represented as a magnifying glass focusing on one individual out of many.

New Feature: Employee Selection Search Bar

Our “Employee Selection” tool has been upgraded with a new search bar that allows administrators to quickly filter employees by name. This functionality is integrated into many routine actions performed using FingerCheck, such as running reports on select employees within the Report Tab or performing mass entry actions for select employees within the Time Card tab. Simply begin by typing a name in …

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Timekeeping Records by Law

While the Federal government allows employers to use any timekeeping method they choose, having employees document their own hours or appointing one employee as the company-wide timekeeper isn’t necessarily a very secure or reliable method of time tracking. As a business owner, it is important that you keep verified and accurate records of time worked …

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Enhanced Mass Entry Feature

Our “Mass Entry” capability is one of the popular features we offer. With just a few clicks administrators can create wide-sweeping changes within their company’s time logging, whether it be across the board or for specific groups of employees (such as by department). For instance, admins can uniformly punch in for their entire staff, apply a specific division earning …

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A pie chart depicts employees’ current pay period hours within FingerCheck.

New Feature for Employee Dashboard: Current Hours Graph

At FingerCheck we know employees don’t always have the most time when logging onto our site, especially when their top priority is to punch in or punch out. This is precisely why we’ve created a new dashboard feature that provides employees with valuable need-to-know information right from the start. Effective immediately, a breakdown of each employee’s …

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