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Top Apps for Staying Organized

Whether we spend our days in the office or travel for business, we all need a little organization to get our work done. Fortunately, the mobile marketplace has kept up with the increasing demand for business apps, and it takes only a minimal number of apps to stay organized. TIME ORGANIZATION Clocking in and out at …

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Avoiding Distractions at Work

Distractions that lure you and your employees away from work can greatly reduce performance and production. A few simple changes in work habits and the tools used to promote productivity can help you avoid distractions at work. Tips and Tools for Staying Focused at Work Email-Checking Habits. Checking work email is important, but when employees do …

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Tips for Staying Energized Through the Work Day

Staying energized throughout the workday can help you and your staff increase performance, while also boosting employee morale. There are many things you can do to promote energy throughout your small or medium business. Try some of these tips for quick results. Energizing Tips for the Workplace Encourage Movement. Five minutes of movement each hour …

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