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Why People Who Love Their Work Love Their Work: Part II

This week, we’re continuing our list of what makes people enjoy their work, as reported by FastCompany via employee-rating site Glassdoor. Challenge People want to be challenged at their job. That doesn’t mean they want to be pressured to hit deadlines, but it does mean they want to grow, learn new skills and become a …

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Why People Who Love Their Work Love Their Work: Part I

Employer rating site Glassdoor has just unveiled what their users consider to be the best places to work in the country, based on averages from anonymous reviews. New York-based management consulting firm Baine & Company topped the list, followed closely by social networking giants Twitter and LinkedIn. Tennessee-based global chemical company Eastman came in fourth …

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AC100C time clock from Fingercheck.

The AC100C Biometric Time Clock

As part of our holiday savings deal, you can pick up any time clock hardware from Fingercheck for 10% off using the coupon code “fingercheck10.” One of the fingerprint time clocks we have available is the AC100C, a powerful yet inexpensive option perfect for businesses of any size. The AC100C can be used as either …

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The Open Office Dilemma

Conjure the office of any modern start-up and you probably have a pretty specific image in your head: online time clocks, a ping pong table, a conference room, and an open office, where employees sit together, talking together without walls impeding communication or collaboration. The open office layout has been de rigueur for many small …

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The Quest for Maps

If your job requires you to travel frequently, there are a couple of apps you’ll want to have handy on your phone: a time clock application to record your hours and a map program to get where you’re going (and maybe find a coffee shop or a burrito on the way). But which map application …

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How to Write an Unobnoxious Email

Chances are, the first thing you do at work after clocking in on the online time clock is checked your email. The now nearly 60-year-old technology isn’t exactly the most efficient or beloved form of communication, but it’s what most companies continue to rely on, and, as such, most office jobs require a lot of …

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Best Office Comedies

There are a lot of advantages to a cushy office job–stability, salary, benefits–but anyone who’s ever worked a 9 to 5 is also keenly aware of the many frustrations working in the corporate world brings. So don’t worry, office drones; you’re not alone. To prove it, check out one of these office comedies the next …

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Stop Snoozing Your Energy Away

Before you clock in on your phone’s time clock application, the very first thing you do when you wake up is probably turn off your phone’s alarm. And if you’re like most people, you’re not even turning it off immediately but instead hitting the snooze button to steal an extra nine minutes of sleep. But …

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