By: Stefano Tromba Dec 02, 2020

10 Tips to Keep Your Money Safe When Holiday Shopping Online

With online shopping and spending records being broken, it’s safe to say more people (than ever) are hitting the web to make purchases.  So, while you’re looking for holiday deals, scammers are looking to cheat you out of your cash and identity.

So, Fingercheck offers these tips to stay safe while online shopping this holiday season:

1.Keep smartphones, computers, and other device software updated. This ensure your device has the latest security patches installed and running.

2. Only use trusted Wi-Fi connections.  Be suspicious of any network that does not require a password to connect.

3. Take the time to change any outdated or simple passwords. Use strong, unique passwords on all of your accounts.

4. Don’t overshare on social media. Consider anything you post to be public information.

5. Track your bank and credit card accounts and activity.

6. Look out for emails you receive about your online purchases. Check the status of your order directly from the website that you purchased from.

7. If you receive a greeting card in your inbox, verify the sender before clicking any link to view the card or any attachments.

8. Monitor your credit report on a regular basis.

9. Only shop on secure websites that you know and trust and show the https:// in their URL.

10. Look out for giveaways and contests as a way to entice you to enter personal information.

There you have it! Be smart and keep you money safe this holiday shopping season. If you like this article be sure to share and Follow us on LinkedIn , Facebook and Instagram!

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Stefano is a seasoned marketing professional and writer with diverse industry experience. Born and raised in NYC, he holds a Journalism degree from Queens College, and is currently the Head of Marketing at Fingercheck.

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